«SPECIAL INDUSTRIAL PLANT EQUIPMENT» in the business of metalworking. It specializes on producing, maintaining and providing equipment for oil and gas industrial complex. Highly skilled experts, who have received the higher education in educational institutions of the corresponding directions and having a wide experience of work, both in an oil and gas-extracting complex and in mechanical engineering work, work at the enterprise.

Design department of the enterprise is engaged in development of new equipment and tools, modernization, overhaul and restoration of tools and equipment. In 2016, a new technology was developed and introduced into production to manufacture elements of production duty of wells with corrosion-resistant materials, increasing the service life of overhaul operation.

We manufacture elements of oil-drilling equipment and threads oil and gas assortment, adapters, milling tool, fishing tool for borehole incidents management. Our enterprise maintains and manufactures submersible well head equipment, trail line setting up equipment (flanges, corners, junctions), manufactures technological vessels with capacity of between 1 sq.m and 50 sq.m, develops technical and repair documentation with respect to the Client’s statement of work.